Thursday, April 2, 2009

Libraries adapt to depressed times. I've seen this: vagrants learning to use the Internet so they don't lose their temporary homes. I can sympathize. My mother taught me to revere libraries. The same afternoon she acquired a child's library card for me when I was six marked the day when I really started to become acquainted with myself. More than bookstores, more than alcohol, my university and local branches shaped the contours of my hedonism. I experimented without mercy, gorged without limits, tested the limits of my endurance, and forged lasting and temporary relationships. What are books for besides creating a sense of interiority?

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Hans said...

I showed that article to my co-workers, it was old news to us. Working at a library, we can testify- we serve pretty much as a shelter for the homeless and the transient. But at least they're keeping themselves informed?