Thursday, April 16, 2009

The latest subject of George F. Will's ire: denim. So Tory he makes Samuel Johnson look like Clement Atlee, George the Bemused doesn't like the faceless humanoids out there wearin' Levis and Gap:
Denim is the clerical vestment for the priesthood of all believers in democracy's catechism of leveling -- thou shalt not dress better than society's most slovenly. To do so would be to commit the sin of lookism -- of believing that appearance matters. That heresy leads to denying the universal appropriateness of everything, and then to the elitist assertion that there is good and bad taste.
He's got kids. He's never seen teenagers comparing loose and easy fit? Or those two globules punching through a girl's chest?


Passion of the Weiss said...

Forget your Clement Atlee vitriot, what this blog needs is some good old-fashioned Lloyd George bashing.

Alfred Soto said...

That's "Mr David Lloyd George," if you're feelin' nasty.