Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some random thoughts for a new month:

1. Tell me what was in better shape during the Super Bowl halftime show: Bruce Springsteen's larynx or his cock.
2. Prince's "Alphabet Street," after several years' distance, sounds limper than I remember."Cat! We need you to RAP!" predates "Jughead" by three measly years.

3. Emile Hirsch gave Milk's most impressive performance: loose, uninhibited, randy.


Tal said...

1. Gestures definitely took precedence over voice, so I'll interpret that loosely as "cock."

2. Yes

3. Definitely (although Josh Brolin gets a close number two for being understated in a movie rife with overblown showboating)

M said...

2. I prefer the 7-inch mix, which ends on "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah."

3. Hirsch, Franco, and Penn all did (to my eye) great work. I'm surprised people like Brolin so much; he was fine but the role was pretty limited and I didn't see him do all that much with it.

Alfred Soto said...

Brolin and the lesbian campaign manager suffered from underwritten parts. Hirsch was a revelation: it was the kind of starmaking performance that made everyone in the theatre laugh whenever he appeared.

bill weber said...

I liked him fine, but the key to his performance is probably that Cleve Jones told him "I'm a queen -- you can play me that way."