Tuesday, January 6, 2009

RIP Ron Asheton

Sad. Never the biggest Stooges fan (nothing personal; just didn't listen all that much), but I was curious enough about last year's reunion record to download it without listening. Thoughts?


Ian said...

It's a shame, but not necessarily any more so because dude was in the Stooges; the band that made the first three records has been dead artistically if not literally for decades. I always feel sad when I hear someone was discovered "several days" after they died, though.

I'll be sure to listen to the debut and Fun House tonight in his memory, I guess.

Anthony said...

If you'd enjoy hearing Jad Fair as an aging cocksman (I did), definitely listen to the Weirdness. Srsly, the only people un-self-conscious enough to make naive-rock these days are aging rockers with no shame.