Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes, yes, I know "Caught Up In You" is the kitschklassic, but I can't resist "Second Chance," .38 Special's only other Top Ten single and probably disowned by everyone involved. Guess I'm a sucker for "Every Breath You Take" rhythm guitar chugs and a sweet, warm unpretentious vocal (especially in the quasi-acapella part in the last third) that yoga never taught Sting.


The Manthony said...

Based on what VH1 shows have told me, "Hold On Loosely" is the kitsch classic even if I prefer "Caught Up In You" and "What If I'd Been The One." Listening to those three so much inspired me to recently check out "Second Chance" for the first time since its OLD-school VH1 heyday, and while it holds quite a bit of nostalgia appeal, it doesn't quite slay like that earlier trifecta. What 38 special song doesn't have a sweet, warm, unpretentious vocal, you know?

(The Nerds In Paradise song sucks, though)

Alfred Soto said...

is "Second Chance" supposed to slay? I won't go so far as to say it's "classy" or, fuck, hold that up as some kind of ideal, but given that the competition consisted of Eddie Money and the Moody Blues' "I Know You're Out There Somewhere," its restraint is almost sweet, y'know? I think I need to buy a decent comp.

I had NO idea they wrote a song for Revenge of the Nerds until yesterday evening. doing "research"!

btw I asked you this long ago, but can you remember in what order you placed those early eighties Rod albums? I'd asked you about the Foolish Behaviour-Tonight I'm Yours-Body Wishes period.

The Manthony said...

Tonight I'm Yours is probably my favorite of the few I've heard, but Out Of Order's singles are pretty unfuckwithable for me, and Foolish Behaviour has some pretty interesting filler (I need to find an mp3 of the title track) if weaker hits. Haven't heard Body Wishes.