Friday, June 20, 2008

To be responsible, I listened to Girl Talk's new one twice, but I knew I hated it upon hearing the third track. As I wrote somewhere else, this is the album-length equivalent of participating in a music trivia night at your local bar, with the dork at the table (okay, me) identifying Survivor tunelets. I disagree with the Idolator folks: Jive Bunny's "In The Mood" at least nodded to history, and you could dance to it, sorta. Apart from the juxtaposition of "Whoop (There It Is)!" and Big Country's "In a Big Country" -- due mostly to acknowledging how marvelous the Stuart Adamson riff sounds cranked good and loud -- this album is the most witless example of sampling/mashing to date, the sort of horror which discredits its possibilities.

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