Wednesday, November 7, 2007

If it turns out that Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani are nominated by their respective parties for POTUS, I may exercise my right not to vote, in large part because of my disgust with their responses to the sanctioning of torture. Clinton hedges, Giuliani endorses whole-heartedly (even if he's not exactly sure what waterboarding is; if he did know, he would probably as mayor have used it on ferret owners, purchasers of assault weapons, and other official enemies of the five boroughs).

Considering the reluctance of the pundit class to discuss torture unless they're implicitly supporting it, I'm amazed this blight is discussed at all. Credit blogs. Speaking of blogs, an argument between Ned Raggett and a conservative troller inspired by a loony essay written by Deroy Murdock suggests that two people of such different backgrounds and rhetorical styles as Ned and one Geoff can still maintain a smidgen of civility despite finding no common ground.

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Anonymous said...

A smidgen is about all we'll be able to manage, but I'll take that smidgen over none.