Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chris Molanphy OTM on the disgusting triumph of the Eagles this weekend. There's no facile polarities to construct here -- this isn't wise veterans trumping talented artiste, this was geezerdom trumping nubile survivor-cum-bizzer who will probably score her own Irving Azoff-conducted triumph in twenty years. Still, the moribund accounting practices of Billboard and its industry readers make one pause:
It wasn't even a squeaker. The real loser isn't Britney, who posts a perfectly respectable comeback; it's rank-and-file CD retailers. And, to a far lesser extent, chart geeks like me.
We know how the rest of the world feels about geeks; hell -- how I feel about them. We don't even have to ask Glenn Frey.

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M said...

I take it you're referring to the Steely Dan episode of Yacht Rock there?