Monday, November 17, 2008


Can Jon Meacham and Ashton Kutcher go on a nationwide tour calling for the repeal of Proposition 8 and Amendment 2?


Ian said...

That was FANTASTIC. Never would have guessed Kutcher had it in him.

Alfred Soto said...

I was tempted to include the preceding clip, in which he alludes to a column written by Dan Savage wherein Savage fantasizes about coming in Ashton's face.

Theon said...

well i mean he's right about the (disturbing) absurdity of the thing but like a lot of people he confuses a lack of separation of church and state, which is unconstitutional, with a religious majority that votes for a law that dovetails with their religious beliefs, which isn't.

not saying, of course, that prop 8 and its ilk are anything but religious issues and the product of religious interests, nor that they'd have any chance of existing in an irreligious environment, but this isn't the case of the church directly dictating law that kutcher's referring to in his comparison to eighteenth-century britain.

i only pick these particular nits 'cause i think the Maher axis of political rhetoric is risably sloppy.

jon meacham's bit - "it's not the business of religious people to deny sacraments" - i thought was wonderful.

Josh said...

was Ashton texting during Meacham's response? sexy, progressive, and a multitasker!