Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alisons Moyet - "Invisible"

Rarely has such a rinky-dink arrangement anchored a more shattering vocal. Old pro Lamont Dozier (who knows something about shattering vocals) wrote a song whose tempo doesn't intrude on Moyet's drama, which is too raspy, has too many blue hues, to be called "histrionic." Key moment: the shift from shriek to gulped croon at the 1:44 mark when Moyet sings, "But I know you're home." Histrionics, meet reality. Next to this, Annie Lennox sounds like Aimee Mann.

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I love this song and Alison's whole voice as a matter of fact... though the comparison to Annie Lennox is telling. Both have spectacular instruments but the music using it has been too unadventurous in their later recordings.