Saturday, August 18, 2007

No, the problem with M.I.A.'s Kala is simpler than most of the reasons proffered here: wondrous first half, poor second half, and only two songs sound like sonic and lyrical expansions: the Bollywood neo-disco of "Jimmy" and the somber "Paper Planes," which relies on a beautiful interpolation of The Clash's "Straight To Hell." I've warmed to "Mango Pickle Down River" (a skittering update of Another Bad Creation and Musical Youth) and the dense collage that is "Bird Flu." It's possible that what sounds to these ears like failed marriages of beats and voice will surrender their charms later in the year.


kiss out the jams said...

"Bird Flu" took me a bit of adjusting,'s the only thing on there that sounded too challenging at first. No one talks about how "Bamboo Banga" takes forever to start the damn thing, which is infinitely more annoying than "Mango Pickle Down River" when you're just trying to get to some "Bird"-"Boyz"-"Jimmy."

That Ciara/50 Cent duet is honey by the way, I can't believe I never singled it out before.

patrick said...

Kala's the best cd of the year, for my money at least. Lessons on paper planes and $20 went well in class. Lyrically interesting without being too pretentious. you've missed the boat on this one