Sunday, September 9, 2007

"You talk about the people as if you own them"

I don't dislike Common like so many of my colleagues -- his timbre and tone are so persuasive, so there, that I've often wondered whether it's my fault that, aside from his turn on Kanye West's "Drive Slow," he doesn't reward relistening (this is my way of explaining to myself why I haven't sold my copy of Be despite my not having heard it since August 2005). Surrounded by something resembling a community on Kanye's new mixtape, he sounds upwardly mobile and serious -- in short, a real comer. This is the probably the only context in which I could imagine enjoying "The Game" and "Southside." But then this serious, upwardly mobile fool ruins excellent backbeats by dropping lame lines about his daughter finding Nemo, by his constant reference to "the people" as if demagoguery wasn't his intention, by the needless allusion to "Brokeback," as if someone this serious and upwardly mobile was unaware that there are not only doubt hustlas in his crew on the DL who sneak blowjobs in the limo, but that James Baldwin was a genu-wine homo. But he's got other problems -- a fellow with a Number One album has to stay in the closet in case his love of dogs and yoga got out.


kiss out the jams said...

Have you heard Like Water For Chocolate? That's Common's only lyric moment (and even then he spoils it with just two lines: "deep as a skinny girl's cunt" and the terrible diss "in a circle of faggots / your name is mentioned"). But there's a fantastic track where he plays a pimp trying to talk MC Lyte into a partnership and she destroys him, and a devious skit before it where he pokes fun at his woman-friendly reputation. If only he was as smart as he is(n't).

I love Be solely on an ear-for-beats basis.

Alfred Soto said...

Life is short, bro!

kiss out the jams said...

That's why I always try to squeeze in as many words as possible